New effector design

I’ve been designing new effector for Bulbul Junior.
– Expose only heater and nozzle below the effector plate
– Use steel ball joints
– Use 40x40x10 fan instead stock 30x30x10 fan of E3D V6 Hotend
(The reason is 30x30x10 fan is weak.)
– Dual fan: one heat sink fan, one layer fan
(I learned that layer fan improves PLA printing quality.)

Previous design

The fan duct assembly is almost finished. I found couple flaws yesterday after I printed a sample.
– Increase diameter of the round effector for 40x40x10 fan about 24 mm
– Increase thickness of the hotend clamp and flanges up to 5 mm
– Remove the mount plate on the fan mount side
– Shorten the height of round duct by 4 mm

Retraction calibration got to be done. But I hasn’t found the right setting yet.

Slic3r removed part of the round shroud when it produced the Gcode file.
Was it because the wall thickness of the shroud is thinner than the default extrusion width (0.42 mm)?

Layer height: 0.3 mm
Default extrusion width: 0.42 mm




Improved fan duct assembly




Effector plate


Ball seat simulation by OpenSCAD

ball_diameter = 10;
ball_radius = ball_diameter/2;
theta = 90;
sunk_height = ball_radius * sin(theta);
seat_radius = ball_radius * sin(theta);
wall_thickness = 2;
seat_height = 4;

$fn =50;

module ball_seat()
cylinder(h=seat_height, r1=ball_radius+wall_thickness, r2=seat_radius+wall_thickness, center=true);
cylinder(h=seat_height+2, r=seat_radius+0.1, center=true);

translate([0, 0, (ball_radius-sunk_height)/2+ball_radius/2])
# sphere(r=ball_radius, center=true);

translate([0, 20, 0]) rotate([0, 45, 0]) ball_seat();

90 degree isn’t practical.

45 degree

30 degree

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