Bulbul Junior 3D Printer operation log – Day 3

I made a warm air blower using a 60W light bulb and a 12V DC fan to test heat effect on the 3D Printer. Last night before I went to sleep, I checked the temperature of 60W light bulb using IR thermometer. It went upto 165+ Celsius degrees and maintain it. So I thought it could be use as a heating element for an experiment.

12V DC fan on 5V blows gentle air through the light bulb and this lucrative warm air blower raise the temperature around the print bed over 30 degrees, which is ten degrees higher than room temperature.

Once I install complete enclosure made out of cardboard, I think the temperature of print bed would be around 40 degrees.



I printed five to six cubes for dimensional calibration.

Source: http://whatskenmaking.com/2014/06/16/object-size-calibration-in-a-delta-printer/

new DELTA_DIAGONAL_ROD = measured_length / target_length * original DELTA_DIAGONAL_ROD






What makes the first layer wider than other layers?




The warm air blower could raise the temperature near the print bed over 33 Celsius degrees. But I’ve found the first layer wouldn’t stick well. So I applied the glue stick on the print bed before printing, and it worked like a magic.

After the key fob finished printing, it glued so tight on the tape that I had to rip off the tape. I’ll try it again for next printing object.



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