Bulbul Junior 3D Printer operation log – Day 2

Clogged heat break in day 1


Stretched 1.75mm PLA filament in Day 1


One of the diagonal rod fell off yesterday. I glued it with metal epoxy this time.



Back to print again?





The first layer looks fantastic.



I got fed up when it happened.cDSC_0203

Temperature was 215 Celsius degrees. cDSC_0205

Second attempt of printing failed again less than five minutes. The layers separated from print bed.cDSC_0207

Then in the third attempt there was filament blockage in hotend again.
I removed this piece out of the heat break.
I removed nozzle and run the heater at 190 degrees without fan on to soften the filament pieces that clogged the heat break. Then after few poking the heat break channel underneath it by 1.5 mm of allen key, pushed out to the top of hotend.

The modified original effector developed a crack.

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