Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 25 (final), birthday of Bulbul Junior 3D Printer!

I named this Kossel Mini as Bulbul Junior yesterday. Today was its offical birthday. The version is m00.f01. m indicates modification of mechanical part, f is for firmware upgrade or modification. It’s now fully functional Reprap 3D Printer. It’s been so lonely, hit the bottom really hard from time to time. At one point I questioned my ability of problem solving. Fortunately I managed to build functional Reprap 3D Printer. I believe in 3D Printer is very powerful tool that opens up many possibilities to any individual who has strong desire to exercise, advance practical knowledge and skills in creative field, especially mechanical engineering, machine design, and solid visual arts.

Kossel Effector E3D V6 Bowden 1.75mm (Includ autoprobing)

Kossel Effector E3D V6 Bowden 1.75mm (Includ autoprobing)

I downloaded four STL files from above link and have printed all four printed parts successfully. Prontface screen shot during the print session of the effector for E3D V6 Hotend. Debian Wheey hasn’t provided Prontface package yet. I downloaded the Python source code and have been using it. It has critical errors for 3D view but 2D view is functional.

I used 1.75mm PLA filament.

I flipped the effector in Sli3r to generate the gcode file.

The effector




When the PTFE tube pops out, printing operation is technically finished. It popped out when the pressure built up by 5.18:1 geared stepper motor below it once. I was desperate to avoid this kind of failure due to flawed design and luckily found out information that lubricating the filament with edible Canola oil reduces the friction inside the tube. So it’s cheap and effective way of preventing filament jam while in printing.

I found a bottle of Canola oil in the kitchen and put 20 to 30 cc of the oil in a small dish. And I started manually lubricating section of filament that is pulled into the extruder. It looked funny and silly but the job had to be done.







Printing of the effector is done.cDSC_0127




Dimension of the effector was 60.73mm x 54.19mm x 18.00mm

Dimension of the printed effector was 60.80mm x 53.60mm x 18.10mm

Printing other three parts

Prontface log
Printer is now online.
echo: External Reset
Marlin 1.0.0
echo: Last Updated: Feb 15 2015 12:25:53 | Author: (jcrocholl, Blomker, hughe, Bulbul Junior m00.f01)
Compiled: Feb 15 2015
echo: Free Memory: 3786 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232
echo:Hardcoded Default Settings Loaded
echo:SD init fail
Setting hotend temperature to 215.000000 degrees Celsius.
>>> m302
>>> m106
>>> m106 s100
Loading file: /home/penguin/Workshop/3D_Printer/Kossel_Mini/object_models/Kossel_Effector_E3D_V6_Includ_autoprobing/KosselEffectorE3DClampProb.gcode
Loaded /home/penguin/Workshop/3D_Printer/Kossel_Mini/object_models/Kossel_Effector_E3D_V6_Includ_autoprobing/KosselEffectorE3DClampProb.gcode, 46435 lines
2819.57mm of filament used in this print
The print goes:
- from -33.68 mm to 33.68 mm in X and is 67.36 mm wide
- from -43.36 mm to 43.16 mm in Y and is 86.52 mm deep
- from 0.00 mm to 16.20 mm in Z and is 16.20 mm high
Estimated duration: 80 layers, 0:49:54
Extruding 1.000000mm of filament.
Extruding 1.000000mm of filament.
Print started at: 19:03:57
0.090 0.090 0.090 0.040 -0.050 -0.050 -0.050
0.350 0.350 0.190 0.010 -0.080 -0.110 -0.110
0.710 0.400 0.230 0.050 -0.110 -0.150 -0.160
0.730 0.380 0.180 -0.020 -0.150 -0.180 -0.200

Effector clamp

Auto level probe mount

Clip for the probe – 3mm allen key

I generated one gcode file that contains the other three parts to save time using sli3r.








The printing quality definitely improved. cDSC_0150



Dimension of probe clip is 5.50mm x 10.75mm x 5.50mm

Dimension of printed clip is 5.70mm x 10.85mm x 5.80mm


Dimension of probe mount is 31.58mm x 30.00mm x 16.24mm

Dimension of printed probe mount is 31.60mm x 30.00 mm x 16.35mm


Dimension of the clamp is 12.05mm x 34.00mm x 9.50mm

Dimension of the printed clamp is 12.00mm x 33.90mm x 9.80mm



I have effector assembly kit for E3D V6 Hotend now. Isn’t it amazing?




The second printed part I failed spectacularly due to mechanical problem one or two days ago. cDSC_0169


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