Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 24

Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 23

It was the first object that the Mini Kossel printed. I was so excited for a moment then all the hell broke loose. It was a cube whose dimension is width 10 mm, height 10 mm, depth 10 mm. I measured all sides and the biggest difference was 0.5 mm off.

I’ll buy the blue painting tape next time.




End of the printing.


The joined tubes separated when the extruder was retracting filament.


Later on I attempted to print an object by manual feeding of filament and during the process, the extruder’s deadly force destroyed the push fit fitting.


Spare fittings I saved.


The one that came with E3D V6 hotend was accidently destroyed by me one or two weeks ago. The fitting’s diameter is 7 mm.


I modified the effector so that it takes the fitting.



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