Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 20

Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 19

Finally assembly of the printer is done except the print plate. I’ll go out and check out glass and aluminium plate. Yesterday unexpected events occurred one after the other so that I couldn’t finish it.

Materials need to buy:

– M3x35 screws

– 120mm to 150mm zip tie

– glass or aluminium print plate

– Two rolls of PLA filament

I left length of most wires until I would finalize the printer. This will be the basic setup I gonna test and play around, find improvements during the calibration and experimental stage.





Endstop switch


E3D V6 Hotend

– 12V heater

– 12V fan

– temperature sensor

– Endstop switch of the auto level prove



12V fan for cooling the board


Power: 12V DC

Connected devices:

4 stepper motors

12V heater

12V fan of the hotend

temperature sensor

4 Endstop switches



Close shot of the 4 end stop switches

Row 2: X axis

Row 3: empty

Row 4: Y axis

Row 5: Auto level prove

Row 6: Z axis



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