Building Steel Shelving Unit under $30

Scrapyard or junkyard is treasure island for the hardcore DIYer. DIYer who has workshop and necessary tools can source raw or used materials from there at almost transportation fee. The scrapyard I use sell most steel materials 1,000 KRW per 1 kg.

Dimension of the Steel shelving unit: Width 102cm, Height 120cm, Depth 40cm

120cm angle beam x4
102cm angle beam x6
40cm angle beam x6
M5x60 bolt x24
M5 fat wasther x48
M5 lock nut x24
M5 nut x24

10 mm wrench x2
(10 mm socket, ratchet)
Cup brush x1
Visegrip x1 or C-clamp x1

Total cost
Sixteen used angle beams from a scrapyard – 20,000 KRW
M5 fat washer x48 – 1,200 KRW
M5x60 bolts, M5 lock nut, M5 nut – used leftover stock


End of three angle beams form a vertex.
It needs to M5x60 bolts to fasten the vertex.
Assembly order is
M5x60 bolt
M5 fat washer
three angle beams
M5 fat washer
M5 lock nut
M5 nut



I could organize all the tools, parts, and materials of my electronics lab yesterday.


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