Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 12

Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 11

Installation of three end stop switches

Small long nose plier
Soldering iron
Digital multimeter
Allen key
Wire cutter or utility knife

The crimper I bought lately couldn’t handle AWG 26. I managed to do the crimping work using the wire cutter.

M3x12 cap screw x6
AWG 26 wire, 3 meters
0.1″ 2-Pin connector housing x3
Female crimp pins for 0.1″ x6

Marked X, Y, and Z axis on the stepper motors.

Made three end stop wires that have 2-Pin connector at the end.
The wire size was AWG 26.

X endstop wire: 70cm
Y endstop wire: 110cm
Z endstop wire: 110cm

C terminal in the endstop switch: Black wire which plugs into the triangle marked slot of the 2-Pin connector.
NC terminal in the endstod switch: Red wire

Checking the endstop switch operation by measuring resistance.


Switch is off: 0.7 Ohm

Switch is on: Infinity (no connection) Ohm

Installed three endstop switches


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