My second bike to save fuel money

Model: CA110E (Citi Economy) by Daerim in South Korea
Year: 2007
Engine: 4 stroke, one cylinder, air cooled, 108.9cc
Engine start: Kickstarter, starter motor
Fuel delivery: Carburetor
Transmission: 4-speed
Transmission type: Clutchless rotary
Fuel economy: 50 km/L





Instrument panel

Last year I spent 564,325 KRW for 5,550 km of riding R1 mostly commuting, total fuel consumption was 321.61 L. It gave average fuel economy of 17.27 km/L. South Korean government charges fifty percent sales tax over gasoline or Diesel fuel. So twenty some million drivers and two and half million riders involuntarily pay outrageous tax to the government. The stupid, eerie reality is that people hardly have talked about the outrageous taxation over fuel products for decades. I think indirect taxation is major income of corrupted government, effective and subtle way of controlling general public.

I’m going to build streamlined body for the second bike this year.

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