Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 11

Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 10

I spent two hours in the evening after dinner to make a foam template of the printing bed.
According to the Wiki page

Zero backlash.
Type: Delta printer
Speed: 320 mm/s in all 3 directions.
Resolution: 100 steps/mm in all 3 directions.
Repeatability: better than 0.03 mm (30 micron)
Build volume: cylindrical, 170mm diameter, 240mm height.
Footprint: triangle, 300 mm width (240mm OpenBeam + printed corners).
Frame height: 600 mm.
Print surface: unheated round glass, doesn’t move.
Mass of end effector with hotend: less than 50 grams.
Simplicity: fewer than 200 parts.
Hardware cost: less than $600 USD.
Fully automatic print surface level calibration (autoleveling).

Maximum volume of an object is a cylinder that is 85mm in radius, 240mm in height.
I wanted to actually see and feel it so I made a paper cylinder out of three A4 papers.



And then I made a circle and a equilateral triangle whose side length is 19.5mm to design the printing bed. The printing bed is a bigger triangle that contains the paper cylinder.




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