Journal of 2014/10/26

The capacitor of the drill press – Rexon DP-200A.


I did simple milling experimentation on the drill press. I’ve learned that drill press can be used to do light milling operation. One expert suggested that milling ten thousandth of inch per pass (0.00254 mm) would be fine for drill press without any modification. It filed surface of the wooden piece between 0.1 mm and 0.05 mm.

I found two articles on old Popular Mechanics that explain about milling arm attachments:
July 1954, Milling Arm for Drill Press by Walter E. Burton
1969, How to mill on a drill press by Kenneth B. Littlefield
Both articles don’t explain clearly what is the optimum or safe range of Z axis movement of the milling operation either pushing down the spindle assembly or pushing up the plate.





I put the rod between the plate and the base. Turning the upper nut moves the plate upwards.

I think X-Y table (or compound table) that has at least 0.01 mm movement, accurate Digital readout are necessary tools for reliable milling operation in drill press.The tool quality of Made in Korea is a joke to me nowadays. I find outstanding flaws and imperfection on Korean tools easily. Why do I buy such junk tools? I probably have sympathetic patriotism to the country. Most of time competitive price forces me to buy Korean tool. There is still a niche market that

X-Y table

The workbench dimension
Width is 603 mm, length is 1220 mm.

The anchor parts:
14 mm anchor bolt x1
L bracket x1
M6x8 bolt x1
M6 nut x1
M6 washer x2
M6 lock washer x1

Left side of the workbench

Right side of the workbench

One screw of the bench vise was loosed.


It was so easy to make the rest section of water channel on the wet ground.

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