Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 4

Building of Mini Kossel 3D Printer – 3

10/11/2014 Saturday

300 mm x 300 mm, 1 mm thickness of rubber plate – 5,000 KRW
Multipurpose grease – 6,000 KRW
T nut that takes M4 bolt for 20×20 aluminium extrusion x10 – 2,000 KRW
Square and flat file
3 mm and 4 mm drill bits
The tap holder was too big for the drill bits.

Made vibration damper for the stepper motors out of the rubber plate.
Mini electronic cutter worked well to make four bolt holes on the plate.
I used an utility knife to cut out the center circle on the plate.


M3x12 cap screw turned out too long. It failed to mount the stepper motor.
The thread depth of mounting hole is 3.5 mm.
Wall thickness of the vertex frame is 4.1 mm.
Thickness of the vibration damper is 1.0 mm.
Thickness of M3 washer is 0.55 mm.
Minimum length of M3 bolt is 9.15 mm.
M3x12 has 2.85 mm extra length. (12.0 mm – 9.15 mm)
I’ll replace M3x12 to M3x10.

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