Journal of 2014/10/02

Once I start laying earthbags, I plan to work 16 to 17 hours per day due to the nature of the job. It’s better be done without any rain interruption. Every day passes by, the day light gets shorter. The winter is coming. I thought I would need a decent work light and again I contemplated either buy a product or building it myself.

The work light is done.
Take two replacement light bulbs for house hold
Mount on any place with a C-clamp
Three faces of reflector made out of aluminum foil direct the light with improved brightness
Rotate 360 degrees in horizontal, 15 to 20 degrees in vertical axis



three reflection faces.

Left side

Right side

Testing after aluminum foil was applied on the reflector faces
Mounted on the tripod

Left side

Right side

Mounted on a table
This one is brightness of the over head light bulb.

The work light has more intense light.

Spot light in darkness

I bought Korean pine lumber on June 2014 because it has anti-fungus. Well most of the lumber looked ugly showing sign of fungus, black marks whatever, and pretty soaked except the one on top of the stack.

I put three spacers between each layer of lumber hoping it will remove moisture and fungus.

Handle bar of small earthbag pounder

The base camp was infiltrated by mice few weeks ago. I found all the seeds I had collected were gone – rice, sunflower, beans, gingko, and etc. And I thought mice wouldn’t come back because there was no food to be left. However it turned out every time I spent at the camp, I was hearing noise in the night. So yesterday I spent some time where the mice come from. Surprisingly they made tunnels along side the walls of the bed room I use.




I decided to reinforce the soft wall using sheet metal and concrete wall.



I think I underestimated the capability of mice. How these creatures could find out only the soft spot of the house? I removed concrete floor and forty centimeters of side walls of the bed room for experiment around one and half year ago. I might order a truck load of pebbles for the dome house to keep it from attracting small diggers.

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