How to make mirror effect on object in Blender?

The bearing modeling at millimeter unit is done. But I missed some options that make mirror effects on objects in Blender.

I’m going to work through the blender file that creates the following image.



Simple cube object seems to be applied by Shading: Smooth on the Tool shelf.
The Mirror option in Material property manages reflection ratio of object.

Material property set for the golden cube

Type: Surface

Type: Oren-Nayar
Intensity: 0.800
Roughness: 0.900

Type: Phong
Intensity: 1.000

Reflectivity: 0.400
Depth: 3
Max Dist: 0m
Amount: 1.000
Fade To: Sky

Use Mist


Cast Buffer Shadows
Auto Ray Bias
Cast Approximate

World properties

Blend Sky

[Ambient Occulusion]
Factor: 1.00

[Environment Lightning]
Energy: 1.000

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