Journal of 2014/09/22

I made a full pounder that is explained on Earthbag Building, Kaki Hunter and Donal Kiffmeyer. The full pounder weighs about 5.5 kg (12 pounds), shape is like plastic planter pot, 15 cm diameter, 17.5 cm height. I reduced diameter of the cylinder shape pounder to 13 cm.






I went to bed last night around 8:00 P.M and woke up two hours later. Then I had worked till six in the morning before I had a nap after breakfast. And I got up 7:30 A.M to finish the work light. I destroyed one switch due to the wrong wiring at first time. When I plugged it to the outlet, the light turned on even the switch was off. Then as soon as I turned on the switch, it triggered the circuit breaker of the main power. I probably spent half hour to found out what was the problem.

I was going to build a stand for the work lights but I decided to mount it on the tripod whenever I use it, and it turned out great.
It has two rotational axis: horizontal, vertical. It turns 360 degress in horizontal, vertical movement has thirty to forty degrees up and down.

The light bulb sockets are connected in parallel.

Indoor testing

West side

East side and upward

East and downward

Outdoor testing





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