Building a Cross Line Laser

I bought a cross line laser module on eBay for around $14.00 to build a Cross Line Laser Level.
I’m afraid I’m gonna buy from eBay sellers in China anymore. Because it took almost 30 days after the payment.
The reason I choose green is that it’s more visible than red.

12mm Green Cross Line Laser Module with Wire 50mW 350mA

Current below 50mA laser path become invisible.

Power output: 50mW
Wavelength: 532nm
Threshold current: 250mA
Maximum current: 350mA
Requirements Voltage: 3V
Working Temperature: +20℃~+30℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃~+60℃
Life span: >5000hours
Size: Line/Cross: 12mm x(40+19)mm

This is my first time of building a laser device. I didn’t have a battery holder for two AAA batteries. So I got to spend few hours to make a battery holder today. I think this laser consumes power at between 0.75W and 1.05W. Within ten minutes the first two batteries lost voltage below 2.8 volt. I thought I shorted the laser module out. When I connected two new batteries, it started shooting bright laser lines again.

It definitely requires a bigger battery, decent power management circuit, and verify exactness of the cross lines being generated. Plans I have in mind:
– power management circuit
– real case, heat sink
– built-in tripod with level adjustment screws
– bullseye level
– adding handy features, self leveling is easy to implement.
– adding two more lasers: one for dot, the other one for straight line.






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