Printer stand, Parallella rack system.

Parallella-16 Desktop itself is very tiny but it requires peripheral devices for full operation. The main reason I bought it was to use it as media server and hopefully backup workstation in case my main Linux box becomes out of service.
USB external hard drive – 1 TB
USB hub – 7 ports with own power adapter

USB keyboard (optional)
USB mouse (optional)
USB printer (optional)

Measurement of the machines
The unit is mm.
I measured size of the devices to design the furniture: printer stand. a small rack system.


Sketches of printer stand, Parallella rack system

This is how I do first before building simple device or furniture. I draw quick diagrams that pops up in the head. I use a pencil and A4 papers. It looks professional if I use straight edge, protractor, and compass but I haven’t got used to formal design procedure.


Printer stand

I ran out of big L brakets. So I made four square wooden blocks, drill one vertical and one horizontal holes on each block.

It’s far from the perfection but it does what I intended which is the key point of DIY.



The print sits right over the Linux box.


Parallella rack system

I used the small L bracket which takes 4 mm of bolts, the cheapest and smallest one I could find on the market. It’s sold at eighty KRW (less than hundred cents) from a home hardware store. I used 12 of them for the rack system.

12 round head, Philips bolts, diameter 4mm, length is 25 mm.
12 washers,
12 nuts.

Dimension of the two top plates: 200 mm x 200 mm (Width x Depth)
Dimension of the bottom plate: 200 mm x 170 mm
Plate material is MDF, thickness is 13 mm.

Total cost I spent except MDF board:
L brakets x20: 1,600 KRW
4mm bolts and washers and nuts x20 (total 60 items): 1,000 KRW

Router, 1 TB of USB hard drive, Beklin USB 2.0 hub, Parallella-16 Desktop

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