Silent Epidemic – New Documentary Film About Diseases Caused by Vaccines – Production By US Broadcaster Gary Null

________________Child Health Safety_________________

This new Gary Null documentary – view it below – is only available for viewing online on Youtube for a limited time.  [Gary Null broadcasts on PRN and on WBAI].

In the developed world we have the sickest generations of children – with many new chronic disorders and the highest levels of vaccinations and vaccines ever.

This is not coincidence.  Vaccines affect the normal functioning of your and your child’s immune system and cause chronic disorders in a significant proportion of the population.  The medical profession remain in denial despite 98 in 100 adverse drug reactions going unreported: “Spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting vs event monitoring: a comparison” Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Volume 84 June 1991 341.

And in Century 21 we do not have effective treatments for the most basic of childhood illnesses.  Millions in the third world die despite the vaccination programmes…

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