Journal of 2014/06/19

The two days of work started at 5:30 AM on Wednesday, finished at 8:00 AM on Thursday June 19th, 2014.

I rented a hydraulic press called ‘Brick Cutter’ from a tool rental / repair shop on Wednesday morning for 30,000.00 KRW per day fee. I moved it to the camp using a borrowed car then came back there on my R1 half hour later.


I spent few hours to modify it for flattening end of the steel pipe I have and tested twice on scrape pipes. Fortunately the brick cutter’s blade was easy to remove and install.




I managed to produce flattened end of pipe for maximum strength against force. Now I fully understood what features the hydraulic press needs for pipe flattening. I’ll build a hydraulic press that uses steel beams that I purchased two days ago.


To have even surface of ends of flattened pipe, pipe ends need to be sliced so that it prevents forming bulge as it is shown below photos.



From Wednesday noon till about five o’clock morning yesterday I had worked on making two cuts on each pipe’s end. I think I slept one hour yesterday.

People often ask me why I’m not outsourcing this kind of work. A metal fabrication company quoted me 800 KRW per pipe for flattening work, total service fee was around 168,000 KRW. Honestly it’s reasonable price of using a big press machine that requires two operators in a company.

However I decided to do everything by myself related to the house project if possible so that I would be able to say and teach for others who want to have affordable shelter or house under few thousands dollars anywhere.

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