2 ton hydraulic press

On Friday of last week the brand new jack got broken. I bought it for 38,000
KRW on April 2014. I thought it would few years becasue it is domestic product.

I found the above setup has serious design flaw that the lower plate always
bites one of studs. As soon as the lower plate get pressed by the jack,
unblanced pressure points tilt the plate and it seiges any movement.

The online shop hasn’t responded full refund or replacement about the jack. I
will deal with it when I’ll have free time. Right now I need to come up with
reliable hydralic press for the dome pipe works.

So I bought a 2 ton hydraulic press from a tool shop at 40,000 KRW, paid 15,000
KRW for repair service of the broken jack to a tool rental place. Occasional
rains have interrupted travelling to the camp this week.

I spend last two days to build other parts I missed and test the hydraulic press. At least the press could flatten the pipe I bought Friday. It has 26 mm of diameter, thickness is 2 mm, called “Black Pipe.”

Diameter of threaded stud: 18 mm
Metal plate that has four holes: hole diameter is 18 mm, 150 mm x 150mm, thickness is 5 mm.






Thickness of the sheet metal plate was 0.2 mm to 0.3 mm.


Thickness is 4 mm, width is 40.82 mm to 41 mm, the bend length is 38 mm.
Small C clamp I have is too weak to hold it on the workbench. And when I was bending the pipe whole workbench was moving up and down cause it wasn’t mounted on floor.


The handheld grinder with cutting blade cuts the pipe quickly. Pipe cutter I bought for experiment takes too long and energy which I wouldn’t use it anymore. I think I make two hundreds some struts out of the pipes for 3v icosahedraon dome within few hours

Bending end of the pipe strut isn’t problem if I use medium size vise. I gonna buy a bench vise next Monday. I must have a reliable hydraulic press that produces clean, flat tip of pipe strut at the moment.

To do:

Two metal dies
Configuration that makes two metal die hold the pipe firmly under pressure.

Use downward movement of the hydraulic jack

6 Ton A-Frame Bench Shop Press


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