Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen nip replacement.

I have a Bamboo Fun tablet. The pen has electromagnets on the front and back. The pen can be used without a nip but it looses pressure input. Making a metal nip out of non magnetic material would be permanent solution. It’s hilarious how corporations design and sell products nowadays. How much money would Wacom earn by selling replacement nips? Their product cycle is around five years. Dedicated Wacom users seem to buy new tablet two or three time per decade.

It’s so absurd and resource wasting habit in computer industry. When will they stop this dirty, short-sighted business practice? Probably corporations wouldn’t stop it till the market will be dissolved in near future.

Tutorial – adding cheap nibs to your gfx tablet

In the trimmer, some lenght of wire is extended on each side and when it spins, it cuts off grass and weeds. A roll of 5 meters costs some 3 bucks or so. I use 1.6mm wire, I think 1.7 might work even better (if you can, measure your nibs with a micrometer to make sure. 1.6mm does work for Intuos3, that at least I can confirm).

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