My opinion about the Quantum Energy Generator

It looks promising but prototype means it needs a lot of improvement and hidden issues until it get perfected. How much money and time it’ll take is unknown. That’s why building any serious machine starts with small prototype and careful plan.

Importing all the parts of the QEG costs me thirty percent of the original price for  border tax and shipping and handling, which make it over $10,000 investment at least. Hmm… Even if I have hundred thousands dollars in the bank account, I wouldn’t build this prototype. Because I know how things work in engineering world.

There are two reasons I support the QEG team: Open Source development model, Ralph Ring‘s involvement. I personally hope the QEG project will deliver real FE power generators to general public who can afford it pretty soon. It gotta be come out fast.

  • Complete scientific test data of 10kW QEG prototypes
  • Scale downed version of QEG prototypes: 500W to few kW.
  • Reliable QEG kit suppliers

Provided the team delivers above things in the list, this will be major breakthrough in Free Energy technology over 100 years. Other inventors and groups will join and build various Free Energy devices later on. Then general public will be able to select the right FE power generator that suits best for them.

The time will tell whether it would be another bluff or historical event that impacts the course of human history.

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