DIY Motorcycle tank knee pads

According to Keith Code, good ride should use whole body parts to get the desire control over bike whichever situation it faces on the road. I think conscious street bikers need to learn and practice advanced riding techniques of professional racers too. Why shouldn’t we? Because statistics tell accident rate of street riding is higher than motorcycle racing in close circuits. I try to be alert and maintain focus while I ride bike. The roads are covered with white accident marks. Honestly speaking the public roads are war zone.

When the rider encounters unexpected, dangerous situation, quick reaction within one or two seconds decide hell and heaven. It is so crucial and thin fine line. Suppose the rider’s decision is right in a dangerous situation, slow reaction time will trigger unfortunate accident. Fewer than two meters of breaking distance or thirty centimeters space from the adjacent car can save accident.

Can you apply full braking without locking up front wheel?
Can you instantly change direction left or right less than half second?

Motorcycle tank knee pads provide extra friction that knees can hold. All road racing motorcycles have tank knee pads nowadays. There is wide range of price. Using knees to have precise control of motorcycle is definitely beneficial. During hard brake squeezing the gas tank with knees reduces sudden weight shift to the front. Lifting the butt on bumpy surface lowers the center of gravity to the foot pegs. It provides good stability.

30cm Straight
Utility knife
clean rag

Transparent silicon plastic sheet, 5mm of thickness
3M double side tape

Make two triangles for both sides.
Cut the tape and make six pieces of rectangular.
Attach three rectangular tapes to each triangle, then put it on the side of tank.

Open question:
How long the tape holds?


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