Journal of 2014/03/01

I started building a frequency three, radius 20 cm, 5/8 icosahedron dome. It would be the second geodesic dome model before making a real size dome. I used Geodome program to calculate the dome specs.

210 struts total, 3 different lengths

strut count length a0 a1 length2 cut length
A 90 0.412 12 12 0.414 0.539
B 70 0.403 12 12 0.406 0.531
C 50 0.348 10 10 0.350 0.475


length: distance from vertex to vertex
a0, a1: bend angles at the two ends
length2: distance between bolt holes (accounts for bends)
cut length: total strut length, including margins

Don't forget to make a few extras

Struts: 210
Metal connector: 420
Bolts: 420
Nuts: 420


Dome assembly diagram


I prepared 210 wooden struts out of the left over struts last year. I built the mini table saw frame for the grinder last year. I can cut small piece of wood up to two milimeter precision using the improvised table saw. I personally more like the wooden work bench than the table saw because it was the first major tool I built since I started house project. It’s alot better working in outside under bright sun during spring.






Metal connector making out of old sheet metal



Cotinued work of making metal connectors.


Next job is to drill 840 holes on metal connectors, 420 holes on wooden struts, and assemble two metal connectors to each wooden strut, then bend strut ends by specific angles: type A and B are 12 degrees, type C is 10 degrees.

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