Making various pipe joints

Book: Blender 3D Noob to Pro

Pipe joints, p299 – 302

T-joint with the same diameter of pipes


I made it by myself using the cube instead following the instruction on the book.





T-joint with different diameter of pipes

Improvised version

By the book’s instruction

Note: I spent few hours to figure out how to apply retopology on other object. In this case, projecting the vertices of a circle onto a cylinder’s surface that has bigger diameter. The book’s instruction does not tell how to do it in newer version of Blender.

The author expressed it and provided video tutorial about retopology in Blender 2.6x. I looked at it and got help after going through other materials on the net. Basically in Blender 2.69 retopology menu is replaced by Snap. Snapping procedure is followed by:
– Select an object to project vertices/edges/faces on to other object.
– Select Edit mode
– Turn on Snap mode [Vertex / Edge / Face]
– Select object detection type
– Select Add Modifier and choose Shrinkwrap
– On the Shrinkwrap panel, assign an object to Target
– Press Apply when the alignment of objects are done.

Blender Pipe Joints T joint with smaller diameter

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