Simple 3D models

Updated the website link of Blender 3D Design Course.

I stopped studying Blender 3D, Noob to Pro lately. The main reason is menu names and example images after page 300 are old version of Blender. I’m studying Blender 3D Design Course by Neal Hirsig at the moment.

N2P: Blender 3D, Noob to Pro
DCNH: Blender 3D Design Course, Neal Hirsig

3D modeling software: Blender 2.69
The book I’m reading Blender 3D, Noob to Pro.

It takes average two to three hours for me to finish each model following instructions on the book. I will see how far I will go on 3D modeling.

Asking for Help, p735
So you've come to learn Blender, eh? You've made a great choice. Blender is one of the most powerful 3D animation and 3D creation tools out there, especially if you're short on cash. Learning how to use Blender can be a daunting task, so don't give up! With the help of this wikibook, you can become a Blender power user and put those Maya folks to shame.

If you ever get stuck in a tutorial for some reason, there are a number of places you can turn for help. The best way to get help is with an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client such as X-Chat [1]. Connect to and talk to blender users in the following channels.
• #blenderwiki [2]
• #blender [3]
• #blenderchat [4]
• #blenderqa [5]
• #gameblender [150]
If you can’t get help there, click the “discussion” tab at the top of the page that you’re having trouble with, and explain your problem on that page. Wait at least 24 hours for help. If you’re still not getting help, try asking for help in the forums [6].

Quickie Model, p86
Imporving Your House, p99
Modeling a Simple Person, p106
Putting Hat on Person, p122

Multiple Materials Per Object, p133

Image Textures, p137

A Simple Wood Texture, p140

Mountains Out of Molehills, p152


Modeling a volcano, p158-p165

3D View in Rendered mode

3D View in Edit mode

3D View in Texture mode

3D View in Wireframe mode

Model a Silver Goblet p206-209
Note: The length of extrusion of inner wall should be 9. The author makes a comment about it after the instruction. Also the author suggests level 2 for subsurfacing but level 3 gives smooth shape as it is expected.

Light a Silver Goblet p218-222
I duplicated two goblets from the original one.

To produce this one, I set the environment light of the World at 1. I made new material for a goblet which has color yellow and low mirror effect.

Simple Vehicle – A military jeep with a rocket launcher, p223-p260
Note: Press N key to access a window that has Mesh Display options for Normal vectors.
To join or merge objects, after selecting objects press Ctrl+J.

This one has five sections to build the complete model: wheel, chair, rocket launcher, body, and final assembly part. Total number of objects is 14 – 4 wheels, 2 chairs, 1 rocket launcher, body with 4 fenders.





Rocket Launcher


The jeep


Pipe joints, p299 – 302

Yellow submarine – a short animation, DCNH

Castle modeling, DCNH, 155p

Shark modeling, DCNH, 79p

Sword modeling, DCNH, 47p

Bugle modeling, DCNH, 59p

Wine glass modeling, DCNH, 35p

Flashlight modeling, DCNH, 62p

Globe modeling, DCNH, 48p

Dice modeling, DCNH, 33p

Cave modeling, DCNH, 28p

Tiger lily modeling, DCNH, 107p

Flying bees modeling, DCNH, 83p

Candle modeling, DCNH, 52p

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