Journal of 10/12/2013

Whoever built this big stone grinder, it would last thousands years for sure. The builder thought giants or super strong people would use it?

I just gave a try to relocate the stone grain grinder. I moved about five to six meters then finally got stuck. I got so exhausted and ran out of options how to lift or roll the grinder over little slope before the flat ground.

I need to figure out what tools and setup for moving a big and heavy object before I attack this grinder. A portable hydraulic jack or a chain block, heavy duty bends and a hook, support stands.







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1 Response to Journal of 10/12/2013

  1. that is a very cool piece of history! then again, I am not the one trying to move it πŸ™‚ I assume you are trying to keep it whole? otherwise the obvious solution would be to break it apart, which would be kind of sad. Good luck with it!

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