Journal of 10/3/2013

Camera model : NIKON D200
Lens : AF-S Nikkor 18-55 mm G II ED
Aperture : f/4.5
ISO equiv. : 400
Exposure bias: 1.00
Whitebalance : Auto
Metering Mode: center weight
Exposure : aperture priority (semi-auto)

I think organizing parts and tools is essential for any serious creative activity. When building project gets bigger and needs more parts, house keeping parts does save time and resources too. It’s easy to buy extra bolts and nuts, missing tools sometimes delays work few hours to a day.






I’ve been building virtually every furniture out of recycled or raw materials. Because I was curious how much money I would have saved and learned real hands-on skills.

The left side one is a rack for tools which has two shelves. The right side one is a bigger rack for parts and tools that I built out of used bed frame last year.



I attached metal net on the wood frame to sort out soil for brick making. I’m going to build a small wood burner using dirt dirt bricks and test it how it works. Temperature drops few degrees every day. By end of this month, it will drops below zero Celsius in the night for cold days.

Last year by this time I was naive and unprepared about cold winter. A good lesson I learned was that working in cold weather needs at least heat source that warms up the cold body. I want to make out of something as much as I could for the coming winter so that by next spring I would have a real house and workshop.






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