Vintage Brother sewing machine

I paid it for 80,000 KRW including shipping and handling.

2013:09:26 17:47:57, f/8.0, 0.100(1/10), ISO 400

2013:09:26 17:51:33, f/8.0, 0.200(1/5), ISO 400

2013:09:26 17:52:25, f/8.0, 0.167(1/6), ISO 400

2013:09:26 17:53:09, f/8.0, 0.200(1/5), ISO 400

2013:09:26 17:54:19, f/8.0, 0.200(1/5), ISO 400

2013:09:26 17:55:00, f/8.0, 0.200(1/5), ISO 400

2013:09:26 17:59:21, f/8.0, 0.250(1/4), ISO 400

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1 Response to Vintage Brother sewing machine

  1. janpenguin says:

    I need to build a sewing table first.

    Excerpt from

    All of the experts I consulted recommend that your sewing cabinet or table allows you to sit with your body centered on the needle of your sewing machine so you aren’t constantly twisting your spine and leaning sideways in order to sew — this sounds obvious to someone who sews, but the carpenter/handyman/husband building your sewing cabinet might think your body should be aligned with the center of the sewing machine if you don’t tell them otherwise. To determine the height of your sewing table or cabinet, start with a good, adjustable, supportive chair that enables you to sit with your knees and hips bent at approximately 90 degree angles, with your feet flat on the floor. Once your chair is adjusted properly, sit down and bend your arms at right angles, palms down with your forearms parallel to the floor, and have someone measure from your elbow to the floor (some sources just said to measure from your elbow to the floor, others specified measuring from the bottom of your elbow or from the midpoint of the joint — and this was the beginning of the confusion).

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