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Howdy folks,

I have been getting some good feedback from folks letting me know what types of beams, assaults have been happening to them. A lot of what I am seeing looks like electromagnetic microwave assault. I am going to start a separate thread for microwave solutions, but I will post here first a very simple method to “return to sender”, a microwave beamout.

I have tested with various “spectrum analyzers”, or very sensitive radio wave receivers, and pointing such in various directions including towards the Satellite Belt (where the geosynchronous satellites for TV and radio, and internet wireless services are located). There are quite a few very powerful microwave signals present.

From experience working with people who are sensitive, there are definitely bioactivity reactions that happen when microwaves are present in the environment. Some dastardly weapons types make use of a characteristic in the microwaves which definitely torture people. Many microwave and radio engineers simply don’t know the potential bioactive issues, and just poo poo away.

In this thread I can get into a lot of the theory, and the reasons why microwaves (and other sources of microwave-lengths) can cause problems. This doesn’t have to be geek-speak, and can be explained very simply.

I want to give us a method for relief, that can be created FAST, easily with minimal effort. It’s been known to bring relief in a short as 10 minutes after assembly and tuning.

OK here goes.

What this type of shielding system is, is technically called a microwave black body absorber. It can be used as high up in frequency for ultra short wavelenghts, all the way up through ultra-violet.

It’s used in microwave systems, in visible and invisible light systems where one needs to have a type of sink, to destroy the incoming “radiation” and prevent it from going anywhere into the environment behind it. (thereby acting like a shield).

Here is how to build it:

What it is is one takes a hard cover large book, maybe something a foot or so on the pages, full 8 1/2 inch by 11-12 inch pages, good strong cardboard outer cover.

Then maybe about 10 pages in, tape a full sheet of aluminum foil to a page leaf. The aluminum is very thin, acts like a knife edge (which is used as part of the cancelling effect), and it is very conductive. So it will channel the signal along it.

Then skip about 10 pages and tape another full sheet of aluminum foil to another page leaf.. Cover the sheet from the binding out to the edge.

Repeat that until you have done about 10 pages like this (obviously a good thick book).

TUNING IT (creating shielding)

Now, Open the book up so that it can stand up by itself, and spread and separate the pages sorta like they are like a set of fingers opened up, fanned and stretched as wide as possible.

THEN point that book in various directions, rotating it on the table, or counter or near the window.. Place it where ever it creates the most relief.

One can create as many of these shields and effectively “return to sender” the assault.

If it is coming from ABOVE, a little bit of adjustment putting tape across the top and the bottom edges of the leaves will hold the book open so the leaves can face UPWARDS.

Depending on where one lives the Geosynchronous Satellite belt may be to the south of one (if one is in the States, at that Latitude), or it could be to the north if one is in the southern hemisphere.

This device acts as a shield and counter-reflector, putting the reflected signal back out to the sender. It’s much better than putting little mirrors up (which is a good spiritual type of shield mockup, but not effective against microwave assaults).

One can spread the pages more or bring them closer to tune (as was done with the hand mudra shielding and biofield tuning).

TUNING lets you customize the shielding for your personal issue, whatever that may be.

The book will keep the setting fixed for you, absorb the microwave and create a reflection back to the source. I’ve found it very helpful and like close to zero cost to make.

Some folks may want to experiment with putting on the outside of the book a small wrap of about a three inch (3) wide strip and centered along the spine of the book binding, where the remaining front and back cover have a little bit of this strip on them – the width of the overlap on the front and back cover will be different with different thickness books.

The designs specified above deal with the frequencies and wavelengths of typical microwave sources from cell towers, “long lines” microwave, and most satellite based transmitters irradiating people.

Many people have reported the crazy symptoms when the HIGH POWERED TV satellite transmitters were launched.

I did a study on the issues some years back and I will get into that in the separate thread about how its the REFLECTIONS, not the direct signals that cause the bio-effects.

The technique mentioned above is the best almost zero cost solution available.

I hope this helps bring some peace and calmness. Let’s start here and not let them harm us any more.


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