Exoskeletons for paraplegic walk

Nowadays I have love and hate relationship with science and technology. Suppose good technologies such as Free Energy are used for the entire humanity, the world simply turns into Utopia within a decade. For the last hundred years humans had been busy to use science and technologies against us and nature. It’s outrageous, disgusting behavior of intelligent species.

I’ve witnessed unfortunate life changing events personally many times because I had been involved in extreme sports, typical adrenalin junkie for two decades: skydiving, riding sportbike. Why I did it? I can’t explain still clearly but I say there is something much bigger within us.

Life is good or bad? Honestly for most people life sucks, every morning opens up new challenge and unexpected events. I remember one of reasons I dared to jump out of an aircraft at 4,000 ft to 13,500 ft is to forget painful reality. During the day of skydiving activity, I was a completely different being. “I’m 100% responsible whatever consequence would occur.” The odd is potential danger of accident hidden in nature.

The chance of being dead by malfunction of parachute gradually improved from 1/500 to 1/200,000 for decades. Real statistics being dead by accident in Korea one out of thousand. Every year while running the nation, quarter millions of Koreans are dead. Total number of traffic accident is between quarter million and three hundred thousands annually.

Last year I joined few bike clubs and left after witnessing insanity and stupidity. Yeah. It sounds ironic for sure. I am a well-known idiot or insane man. Then, I complain fellow bikers behavior. What’s the problem with me here?

I know there are some areas that help preventing accidents in extreme activities. Skydivers were good at training against the worst case of scenario. I was influenced by it. Most bikers either newbie or veteran hardly take pay attention to analyze serious traffic accidents which costs dear friend or fellow riders life. They express condolence to the fallen riders then move on. “Guys we can do something here!” I shouted few times. Cold response returned. Business as usual. That’s right. So I stopped social activities with bikers both internet and real life. Even a biker called me as brother kept distance from me. People come and go in life. Being alone sucks especially when the one try to do good thing.

I learned it’s safe to express opinions about bad stuff in the world in cyberspace. I know as soon as I go out to the street and interact with real people who might agree with my ideas and form an organization for real change, the authority will show its ugly teeth.

Whether it’s disruptive technology or social truth that changes general public’s behavior, the corrupted system always resist, suppress them until its death. Only hope I have is how Internet works as effective medium to transpire peaceful, explosive social/conscious change in present civilization.

Science and technology bring yesterday’s miracle into daily activity of average Joes. I love still science because of this fact. Many paraplegics who lost walking ability by accident probably have alternative choice of maintaining their normal life one day. Looking at Exoskeleton technology.

Eythor Bender’s previous presentation showed civilian and military applications. It’s bizarre. At one side the technology improves human’s quality of living. On other side it again creates tragedy and death over potential enemies whoever they will be. I’m glad to see the head scientist who is behind this technology works for medical application.

Eythor Bender’s Ekso Bionics makes powered, wearable robots known as “exoskeletons” that boost human strength, endurance, and mobility. But can they help a paraplegic walk? Watch this incredible story.

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