Repair of a cowl stay for R1

Few days ago I was watching when my R1 fell to the ground. The side stand sunk into rain soaked soil over night. It was the second time of fall. The first fall was strong wind during a winter storm years ago. My R1 was laying on the snow covered parking lot. It convinced me that strong wind can tip off a gold wing too and I saw one Gold Wing lying on the pavement one day.

I brought it to a bike shop as soon as I came back to the city. Buying a brand new stay was 16,5000 KRW to 14,5000 KRW and two weeks of processing time. The shop owner told me he has known a professional welder who could fix or weld aluminum parts. So I chose welding solution for fixing the cracked cowl stay.

One day after I visited the bike shop and found out the welder couldn’t repair it. What would I do at the moment? The show owner’s only solution was to get a brand new stay from a Yamaha dealer. I might choose his offer if I have backup transportation. But, using a bus takes ninety minutes to two hours from the apartment to the base camp in one way trip. Riding R1 takes average fifteen minutes over 18 km of travel.

While I was looking at the scrap metals, I felt I could fix it for myself. What bothered me is why the experts including the shop owner or the welder, who must have experiences and special knowledge over decades, wouldn’t come up with alternative solution for helping my situation. Was because there is little money on it or they actually can’t think out of the box. I left the bike shop late in the morning and spent good two hours to buy materials I needed to fix the stray.

An aluminium plate: 200mm x 200mm, T5 (thickness 5mm), 4,000 KRW
Epoxy glue for metal: 4,000 KRW
Bolts and nuts: 1,000 KRW

After finishing lunch I went to the base camp in the village by driving a car.

It took less than two hours to cut two pieces of aluminium and attach them on the broken stay.
I drilled six holes in total, four on one side, two on the other side.
Tools I used: a steel file, wrenches, a long nose plier, bench top drill press, hand-held grinder with metal cutting blade.

I applied the epoxy glue on bolts and nuts, cracked area and welding spot early in the morning today. I dropped the fixed stay the shop in the morning today. I drove my R1 back home in the evening at the shop. Service and labor was little over priced than I thought though. Well, what the heck! I can ride my bike again. The shop owner do not know much nor give a second thought about my mechanic career in the past.













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