Journal of 5/12/2013

I heard the plastic net I used wouldn’t last one year under exposure to intense sunlight during summer. I’ll check out wire net at a local hardware store soon.

One personal story I like to share is how perspective changes as we get older. When I was a bloody young at middle 20s, I hated living in a small village. So I moved to the biggest city in South Korea, Seoul as soon as I found a permanent employment from a small company. I assume most young people still prefer to live in a modern big city. Man-made living environment that provides living hell and heaven, range of pleasures and illusive opportunities. Like fire mobs rush towards the burning fire middle of night, the young souls move into cities hoping bright future in each of their mind. ‘Yes! I’ll return to the home village as an accomplished business man or an expert one day.’

City dwellers thumps up high quality of cultural activities. And middle to upper classes of the big city put themselves on top of the rest of population who lives small cities and countryside. Indeed educated citizens must have list of arts: number of movies per month, attending well-known artists’ live concert or shows, drinking or visiting classy places in the city. “I go to move theaters x number of times. Have you been to someone’s concert yet? …”

Main gate



Left side of the fence, facing North



Right side of the fence



A mini bridge made out of old concrete wall. Once the fence and all gates are finished, I’ll share the left side gate with the neighbor only.


Guess what it is. I made a tiny pond for wild life: birds and insects. I will held five to ten liters of clean fresh spring water during a hot day. The depth is about twenty five centimeter, diameter is thirty five to forty in oval shape.


Inside the base camp: A desk and a chair

A sketch for a Geodesic dome model. It will be 50% size of the original dimension. I’ll use hubs (or connectors) to connect all struts for maintaining right tension and shape.

Domestic clovers. It has short and small leaves with white flowers. Foreign clovers grow at least ten times taller than this with purple flowers.

Spotted one butterfly on a clover flower


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