Journal of 5/10/2013

It started raining afternoon on Thursday and continued to Friday noon before I left.

I installed plastic net fence with wooden poles across front section of the property. I forgot to make a simple lock mechanism on the main gate. I will install a simple locking device so that anybody can’t just walk in without my consent.

The summer will go shortly. I need to be focus on building the dome house as much as I can. More and more strangers show up to my base camp and try to get free edible plants on the property. How do I understand these weird behaviors? They laugh at my green food garden cause it’s covered with weeds and edible plants. Then as soon as they find medicinal herbs or edible plants, they ask to me “Will I take this plant (FOR FREE)?” with straight face. I gonna stop talking to people for saving my precious time and energy. I let the main gate be locked all time.

I should stop complaining reality. I’ll try to say only bright sides.

Spectacular overexposure. I hit the weird bug of ffmpeg while encoding videos. I suspect it was corrupted sequential file names.

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