Carmen Boulter: The Pyramid Code

The greatest story never told, Lana Cantrell fills up the missing parts too.

Modern humans have devolved. Any sane person can feel how present world is out of harmony, near the end of final destruction. Yeah. All mainstream religions have no spirituality nor connection mankind with nature. What is more dangerous than religious dogma is scientific dogma in modern age. Look how established science is built on. It’s foundation is destruction and complete separation mankind from nature.

I say most experts and scientists are fucking stupid. General public follows what they tell to do like our ancestors worshiped and were so afraid of priests in religious institutes.

Absurd flawed laws in science are considered absolute truth. Many experts worship Issac Newton or Albert Einstein as god-like being. Hooray for them. Spectacular result of passive intelligence. There are probably hundreds thousands of physicists. I bet only few ever studied Newton’s Principia to really understand, investigate the foundation of Classical Mechanics.

Suppose suppose five percent of world physicsts indeed Classical Mechanics thoroughly, Mr. Einstein’s theory of Relativity could have gone down the toilet. Simple question is what’s the speed of gravity by Issac Newton? Is it equal to the speed of light or faster?

One of fundamental flaws of Classical Mechanics is violation of cause and effect. Newton assumed gravitational force interacts between object without active medium that delivers or causes the action. This is complete nonsense but the gravitational law of Newton is successful to explain and predict movement of objects in certain range. So stupid scientists don’t raise serious objection or doubt about it.

Physical universe has three areas: microscope, visible scope that human can observe with five senses, macro scope. Classical Mechanic miserably failed to explain phenomenon in microscopic world of tiny particles. Quantum Mechanics replaced it. Study of bigger structure of universe, Cosmology has failed badly over 20th century but mainstream astronomers and physicists brilliantly managed to advocate the pseudo hypothesis, which is Big Bang theory. Dark Matter and Dark Energy are the byproducts of this stupidity of collective intelligence. Big Bang theory couldn’t explain newly observed data from powerful modern equipment such as Hubble telescope, Infrared/Radio telescope. Rather than they looked for alternative theories that provide better models to explain and predict, they kept patching the obsolete, flawed theory one after the other.

For instance when I realized that Black Holes does not exist I was dumbfounded because I had been blindly believing pseudo science.

There are two major fields of modern science that advocates manufactured facts and false ideas: Archaeology, Astronomy. If any person who is curious about BIGGER reality, deeper meaning of human existence, I definitely recommend avoid touching materials written by mainstream scientists. Those books and information will make you delusional, feel powerless, and stuck in a box. Why do you want to spend time and energy for being depressed? What’s the point of doing it!

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