Journal of 5/1/2013

I spent last night at the camp. Depth of the pond is about 120cm at the center. I planted some black soybeans at rear side of the food garden.

Which mode can make shutter speed be changed at a fixed aperture number? 495 photos taken in the morning had shutter speed cycle from 1/125 to 1/80, which I never experienced on time lapse photography. Did I set it on Aperture priority mistakenly?

IMG_0001.JPG, 2013:05:01 06:50:13, f/7.1, 0.0080(1/125), ISO 200
IMG_0002.JPG, 2013:05:01 06:50:43, f/7.1, 0.020(1/50), ISO 200
IMG_0003.JPG, 2013:05:01 06:51:13, f/7.1, 0.013(1/80), ISO 200

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