References to gravity manipulation, transmission, and etc.

“How I Control Gravitation”
T.T. Brown
Science & Invention (August 1929) / Psychic Observer 37(1)

Link is

“Thomas Townsend Brown: Electro-Gravity Device
An Investigation Relative to T. T. Brown”
Willoughby M. Cady (ONR, Pasadena)

Electrogravitational Communication System
(Return to Index Page)
Preliminary Patent Specifications and Claims
(Section II)

All diagrams are missing!!

“Application of Ether Longitudinal Waves
for Telecommunication Systems”
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by Alexander V. Frolov

Scientific Expert of the Russian Physical Society
P.O.Box 37, 193024, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Tel: 7-812-2747877

Communicating with Mars: Experiments of Tesla & Hodowanec
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Rhysmonic Cosmology
Gregory Hodowanec

Figure 12: Simplest elecronic gravitational “wave” signal detector

This is the one I was looking for.

The 4-mile Microphone

In my opinion, the device is not picking up audio signals in the manner of a conventional microphone where air pressure waves vibrate a transducer, creating an electrical signal which is then amplified. The interesting thing is that it is distinctly possible that some other mechanism is coming into play here. This opinion is supported by the fact that Dave’s circuit is a very upgraded version of a monopole gravity-wave detector. Dave used this device to record the “sound” of the Shumaker-Levy comet colliding with Jupiter.

Click to access Mic.pdf

Gravity Wave Radio

Alternative theories about Gravity in physics

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