Review: Sirius Movie

Sirius Movie was released lately. I watched streaming video using VirtualBox on after paying some nine dollars. The site doesn’t support Linux so any Linux users who want to see, get it through torrent or buy DVD or use another person’s computer. The torrent link is here.

The main messages of the movie are

World peace in unity, end slavery by Free Energy technologies, and create abundance of life, eventually move into interstellar civilization within few decades.

I would like to add one more thing on this vision, Permaculture or natural farming. What else do we need? The world that provides unlimited possibilities to all citizens in society.

I’ve been studying Free Energy technologies over thousands hours. Nowadays I can explain at conceptual level how and why FE technology is feasible and can be explained by new laws of physics. Of course under conventional science Free Energy is impossible. You have to think out of box and really study hard alternative theories that explain energy and phenomenon from different perspectives.

That’s why virtually all mainstream scientists and engineers, including experts who have advanced education simply in denial. Whoever says “Free Energy” he/she receives overwhelming ridicule and personal attack. Then as soon as an individual successfully demonstrate Free Energy either experiment or prototype machine, the person suddenly ends up dead or erased from society. This bizarre pattern of horrible suppression has been repeating over one hundred years.

Go to Brian O’Leary site ( and watch few videos there with open mind. You’ll understand what’s implication of Free Energy society in modern society. Tom Bearden ( is a well-known scientist in FE field for decades. Tom Bearden’s website provides technical information and data about Free Energy technologies. Eric P. Dollard ( is considered a maverick who figured out Nicola Tesla’s FE technologies and alternative theory of electromagnetism. Professor Ph. M. Kanarev is a Russian scientist who developed new theory of motion and energy.

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