Journal of 04/09/2013

Geodesic Math and How to use it, Hugh Kenner, p49, Diagram 7.5

This is the actual Geodesic dome model invented by Buckminster Fuller. He had patent right of this type of dome construction technology for few decades. Well, he was planning to commercialize printed geodesic domes for house owners in North America so that people would have house under few thousands dollars. But money mongers and corporations once again turned away from Buckminster Fuller’s great vision like they trashed Nicola Tesla’s Free Energy technologies half century ago. By the way U.S military embraced Fuller’s dome technology due to many engineering reasons.

My goal is to build some small Geodesic domes until I understand the construction techniques thoroughly so that I’ll be able to construct real size domes for my house and other facilities for the following months. I’ve had mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety lately since I studied Geodesic dome again.


I scaled down to sixty percent for saving materials and built a half sphere which requires four face triangles. Total number of wood struts was 60:

A = 7.8 cm (13 cm x 0.6) x16
B = 11.0 cm (18.3 cm x 0.6) x20
C = 11.7 cm (20.5 cm x 0.6) x24

I drilled two holes on each strut 2mm in diameter.

Calculation of total number of struts for the half sphere.

This time I tried a fishing line for strut connection. Next time I will use a sewing needle to tie down.

Total hours I spent from start to finish was around ten hours from 4:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M with one hour breakfast including short break times.

Top view, four A struts form the nexus of the dome. It has four face triangles due to half sphere. A sphere is composed of eight face triangles.

The dome was surprisingly bigger than I expected, which had about 40 cm in diameter.

Side shot

Measuring center height. Due to rough building quality, the dome did not have the right tension. Next one will be better.

I need to solve how to manage strut connection point so that it maintain proper tension. What I learned today is the size of connection point must be calculated before strut cutting.

Connection point for six C struts

Connection points of three A struts, and A, B, C, and A struts

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