Journal of 3/30/2013

I built a mini table saw to do precision cut for various wood parts. I was glad it actually worked as I expected. I will build many small models of the geodesic dome by Buckminster Fuller. I think I’ve spent about good twenty hours to design and build the table saw. Total material cost was around 10,000 KRW ($8.5 to $9.00 USD) for nuts and bolts. I recycle virtually anything left over. As you see on the photos, the metal workbench was made out of a trashed fuel tank of an old furnace. I cleaned up and cut top and rear side using a grinder to use clamps and store stuff. It has been served well.

Most people simply think money can do everything for them. Because present corrupted society reality is heavily distorted, money means real power of manifestation. They live in delusional state. Collective conscious and culture are very dangerous when it’s heading to wrong direction. I will be considered an idiot even after I’ll successfully build a organic, energy efficient house. I don’t care what others judge or frame me. It would be wonderful for me to help people in need. For example my estimate of decent hybrid house combined Geodesic dome and Earthbag technology costs few thousands dollars for building material. Pure Earthbag house demands a lot of heavy labors as it gets bigger. Geodesic Dome is excellent engineering characteristics that can reduce overall labor input of house/building construction.

Anyway my next project is to build a heavy duty table saw that uses 1000W power saw. The photos explains how this mini saw operates. A portable grinder is mounted vertically. I’ll add few features and fix glitches while I use it.







I planted bamboo trees for experiment. Hopefully some of them would survive so that I’ll be able to plant them on the edge of food garden.



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