Wade Frazier : A Healed Planet, and the role of Free Energy With Dr Brian O’Leary

Wade Frazier : A Healed Planet, and the role of Free Energy
With Dr Brian O’Leary
March 2009

Bill Ryan (BR): This is Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. It’s Friday the 27th of March, 2009, different time zones in different parts of the world. I’m in Europe. Kerry is in Los Angeles. Brian is in Ecuador. Wade, you’re in Seattle? Is that right?

Wade Frazier (WF): Yes.

BR: We’re delighted, Wade, to be talking with you. Wade Frazier, like Brian O’Leary, who we had the great pleasure of meeting and talking with at length in Ecuador back in January, is a veteran free-energy activist.

Brian O’Leary was in the astronaut program, and is himself a veteran free-energy activist. He’s done a lot to investigate phenomena on the fringes of mainstream science, is a very accomplished speaker, has been everywhere and knows everyone, and we’re very proud to feature him as one of the Witnesses on our site.

But not so many people will have heard of Wade Frazier. His website, which is called ahealedplanet.net, has 1,200 pages. It is encyclopedic in its scope and it tells Wade’s story of a non-stop running skirmish with the whole issue of free energy. And you’re taking to heart this, as a cause, which is very much what Brian O’Leary has done.

Some people think that free energy is all about an inventor sitting in a garage or a basement with a bunch of electronics and magnets, and getting a little machine to work that will light up a light bulb and everyone thinks: Gee Whiz! This is a neat little device here. It’s an alternative to having a windmill in my garden.

And this is very far from the point, because free energy is at the hub of so many issues that are connected with how our planet is run and controlled, that it really is one of the very central places to start.

Wade, and what he has to say about free energy, needs to be heard. It’s a very, very important story. And, what I’m looking forward to here in the next hour or so is a conversation primarily with Wade and Brian O’Leary, to talk about why free energy is something that we should care about, why it should be politicized, why it affects every corner of our lives.

And for those people who have ventured into this area with practical intentions, it’s proved to be quite a dangerous path for them to tread because they can really interfere with the agendas of others.

This is really what I would like to talk about. It isn’t going to be a technical conversation. It’s going to be a conversation about the paradigm shift that’s necessary for free energy to be ushered into this world in the 21st century.

And I wonder, Wade, what it is about free energy that has made this virtually your life mission? Why is it so important? Why have you devoted so much of your time and your soul to this cause?

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