Journal of 03/27/2013

I spent last night at the base camp. It was definitely cold and uncomfortable from evening to late morning until the sun came out. The temperature inside the tent was below ten degree. I went to sleep around 8:00 PM, got up 3:25 AM. Then I worked on a mini table saw I had been building to stay warm right after taking photos of the moon. Sometimes I think myself stupid and stubborn. I might build a small rocket furnace to heat up the cold air one day.

I removed the fallen concrete wall and waste to build organic fence using trees and thorn plants.



Sigma Telestar 500mm f8

Adjust contrast in ufraw, Unsharpen Mask in GIMP

Tiny flowers

Mugwort is an edible plant. I harvested handful of baby mugworts.

This one is small too.


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