Photos of 3/16/2013 and 3/17/2013


Photos I took today using Canon EF-S 55-250mm telephoto lens. I tried to shoot the same objects.

Interesting one that came out is image quality of long distance goes to the Sigma 500mm f8. Close range shoots of the Canon lens actually produces better quality at 200% of magnification.

Houses, InfinityrIMG_0018

Acorn tree, twenty five to thirty metersrIMG_0019

Pine tree, twenty five metersrIMG_0020

Leaves under water, three metersrIMG_0024

Small flowers, four metersrIMG_0026

A watch, Five to six metersrIMG_0029

A helicopter, infinityrIMG_0030


It was haze.

Sigma 500mm f8 Telestar mirror lens test. I used f/8 for all photos. I’m going to shoot the same objects next time with EF-S 55-250mm lens and Nikkor 300mm f4.
Canon EOS 1000D.

All the Images were reduced to 50%.

Acorn tree, twenty five to thirty meters
2013:03:16 10:45:12, f/inf, 0.0040(1/250), ISO 400

Houses, Infinity
2013:03:16 10:51:50, f/inf, 0.0025(1/400), ISO 400

A watch, Five to six meters
2013:03:16 10:55:57, f/inf, 0.0012(1/800), ISO 400

Pine tree, twenty five meters
2013:03:16 11:10:21, f/inf, 0.0080(1/125), ISO 400

Thirty five to forty meters
2013:03:16 11:17:34, f/inf, 0.0020(1/500), ISO 400

Eagle?, infinity
2013:03:16 11:26:30, f/inf, 0.0006(1/1600), ISO 400

2013:03:16 11:26:38, f/inf, 0.0008(1/1250), ISO 400

2013:03:16 11:26:40, f/inf, 0.0006(1/1600), ISO 400

2013:03:16 11:27:02, f/inf, 0.0006(1/1600), ISO 400

Three meters
2013:03:16 11:33:18, f/inf, 0.0050(1/200), ISO 400

Small flowers, four meters
2013:03:16 11:39:33, f/inf, 0.0020(1/500), ISO 400

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