Birds, a dog, a Korean squirrel

I went to the small forest late in the morning and spent two hours to shoot birds.

Tree sparrows live underneath of a building’s roof top. What a way of life!
Tree sparrows

I took five shots of this little bird. Only this one turned out fine.

A house dog. It was barking for good twenty to thirty minutes while I was shooting birds at the edge of the forest.

Fortunately I spotted a Korean squirrel and had three decent shots. These two images have original resolution.


One trick I learned about is to move slowly and be patient for having decent bird/animal shoots. Sitting one spot about five to ten minutes usually bring some birds in close range either at a park or middle of forest. Typical behavior of street cats is they stare at human for a while then if they feel safe, they keep watching from a distance.

Most birds maintain safe distance all the time except their feeding time or sitting on top of a tree or edges of a building. It’s easy to shoot big ass of a bird.

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