Books for birds in South Korea

I’m getting serious of birding. I gonna get a binocular soon. Right now I’ve been experiencing great difficulty of identifying the birds I take photographs.

A Field Guide to the Birds of Korea
by Woo-Shin Lee, Tae-Hoe Koo & Jin-Young Parl. Illustrated by Takashi Taniguchi 330 pages 120 Colour plates, LG Evergreen Foundation 2000

Korean version
한국의 새- 야외원색도감
이우신 | 구태회 | 박진영 (지은이) | LG상록재단 | 2005-06-25 | 초판출간 2000년
알라단에서 28,500원에 판다. 링크
아마존에서는 헌책이 $89에 팔린다.

A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia
Craig Robson Hardcover – 504 pages ( 1 February, 2000) New Holland Publishers (UK)

Birds of East Asia: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Russia (Princeton Field Guides) [Paperback]
Mark Brazil

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