Wild birds, house chickens, and dogs

I removed dullness of all the photos using ufraw. Simply choosing White Balance and adjustment of the Auto setting creates sharp, crisp image.

Wild birds live free. They find food sources in forest or residential and industrial areas humans live. Wild birds have indeed freedom which is divine right of sentient being. Compared to wild birds, domestic animals only live in the cage. They will sooner or later ends up inside human’s mouth. It’s inevitable fate of domestic animals.

The quality of living of human life in modern society is questionable. The more I learn about our marvelous civilization in 21st century, I see darker reality at fundamental levels. As soon as a baby born, indoctrination and forced learning are started. Babies learn to walk, run, and finally develop intelligence that the little creatures communicate with environment. And then children enters into the slavery education system. Alas. Now the innocent child who has so much potential and possibilities simply replaced by the fixed ideas and rules, so-called the belief system takes over the mind.

As time passes by children become perfect slaves, sometimes they converted to killing machines for the corrupted power. Hundreds millions of young boys join their military forces for their own countries. Many of them totally are abused, attached to the vicious cycle of Karma again. I believe in cause and effect, Karma, is one of basic universal laws that always ask for the prices of actions done by sentient being.

Smart adults build monstrous war machines under the name of national security and national defense proudly. Adults who have average intelligence and healthy body mostly serve as soldiers, yes meat balls. Would the government take care of their contribution with blood and pain in battle fields? Soldiers are numbers in expandable resources.

The society or the government do not give a damn about well-being of citizens. I realized one day I hardly know how to survive in nature by myself. Holy crap! That was a big moment of truth. A thought ‘What if the grid is out for few days?’ put me in inconvenient position. I would probably end up digging trash bins or go to an emergency camp set up by the government during a potential disaster either man-made or natural cause.

Since then I’ve spent time and energy for off-grid living. I’m better position than unprepared millionaires or powerful people nowadays. I bet less than few thousands out of fifty millions actually are prepared to any form of disaster. I like to make a cartoon that shows how life in the modern city will turn out as soon as the grid is out.

What would continue to work without electricity in modern society? I wonder. This is serious problem humans are facing but general public deliberately blinded by TPTB. Handful of nations have been prepared in secrecy such as USA, few western nations.

Modern human unfortunately need a lot of energy to survive in nature. It would be great I have a coat of fur like the sparrow. Wild animals who live through harsh winter have built-in tools against the cold weather. Sparrows or even dogs are virtually immune to cold as long as they have food for generating body heat. In contrary I might two or three layers of pants if I work in outdoor below subzero temperature. I’ve been gathering real data in my experimental village house. For example, a wooden stick and a spoon are excellent. Metal silverware steals heat really fast from the hands.

To sparrows foods are everywhere. They just fly around wherever foods exists, they eat them, find a shelter for a short rest or sleep for night. In below photos, sparrows steal chickens food and then they rest right beside the chicken cage. Spectacular way of living in my honest opinion.

Modern humans spend over eighty percent of income just to survive. Majority of working class technically are debt slaves under economic depression. Life sucks, painful to humans except the monsters under the human skin.

Sparrow: “What’s up? You guys have food here. Can I share?”
Chicken: “I don’t bother much. Help yourself. I hate this stupid cage.”
Sparrow: “Sorry dude. What could you do?”
Chicken: “You know what. Next time I’ll never be a house chicken again.”
Sparrow: “Keep the spirit high. You’ll be hatched as a sparrow for join us next time.”
Chicken: “Sparrow?”
Sparrow: “I see that you see our tiny bodies as inferior.”
Chicken: “A little bit. Because I’m a male chicken. A bigger bird might…”
Sparrow: “Whatever. I’m full already. Thanks for the meal.”
Chicken: “What you are going for the afternoon?”
Sparrow: “Hmm, I would have a quick nap first right beside your cage. Then, I’ll think about it depends on the weather. The future is open end.”
Chicken: “You guys behave you own this entire village.”
Sparrow: “Smart dude! You finally get it. Of course. We live free here thousands of generations even before humans move in.”
Chicken: “Really?”
Sparrow: “Oh yeah. We pass down ancestors and our stories to next generation. Do you think we are just chatting all the time as a pack? See ya”


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2 Responses to Wild birds, house chickens, and dogs

  1. These pictures look classic! Lovely and hence is the saying as free as a bird. People should fly free and have simple lives close to nature than trying to run the rat race in this stupid world.

    • janpenguin says:


      One regret I have is why I had to spend thirty some years to realize that human society is totally twisted. The great tragedy of humanity I could think of was humans separated themselves from nature in past and it made us heartless monsters.

      My hope for future humanity is realization of Free Energy technologies and Permaculture. No more destruction of environment. A deserted land can be turned into animal kingdom within decades by utilizing Permaculture.

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