Books for visual artist

I’m a self learned armature artist. My sketch book is here. I draw whenever I have the pulse. Honestly drawing is rewarding creative activity. I recommend it anybody as a hobby. It’s relatively cheap to learn if you don’t attend private lesson or take courses.

Based on my experiences I would definitely say an artist can be a professional by self learning. For beginners pencil and regular printing papers, straight, eraser, flat half moon angle device, compass are all needed. You can get a geometry study set for grade five or six at $10 which has straight – bar, right angle triangle, angle device, compass, pencil cutter.

If you really want to learn drawing in right way, buy an Easel and Canvas holder. High end easel is expensive. I use cheap easel which has adjustable legs for seating or standing position. This one is almost identical as camera tripod. I hang a fire extinguisher with a string to secure the easel.

What I’ve learned in drawing is it demands a lot of practice and patience. This is main reason people don’t consider drawing as a hobby. When an adult draws a figure at first, it’s like kid’s drawing at seven or eight. This can be embarrassment. However one has to start from scratch. Some adults who have natural talent in drawing of course learn fast.

I summarize books I’ve studied and have here.

Ernest R. Norling- ‘Perspective Made Easy’
Beginner level. It explains perspective in drawing step by step. End of each chapter has problems that the reader should practice skills.

Fun with Pencil, Andrew Loomis
Beginner to intermediate level. It explains how to draw human head thoroughly from the ball shape to realistic human face. Later part briefly introduce drawing human figures.

The Art of Animal Drawing, Ken Hultgren
Intermediate level. I bought it to learn techniques of animal drawing. I just briefly went through. The author explains how to draw well-known animals to human.

Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth, Andrew Loomis
Intermediate to advanced level. The author covers everything how to draw human figures that are realistic or impress people. I’m currently reading it again to improve anatomy drawing skills.

Constructive anatomy (c1920), Bridgman, George Brant download
Intermediate to advanced level. The author mostly focuses on human anatomy drawing as a painter. It explains how the bones below the muscle moves, the range of motion of each body parts with many illustrations.

Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers, Marcos Mateu-Mestre
Advanced level. I bought it to learn basic techniques of comic or graphic novel. Because I like to write graphic novels one day. The author tells important principals that are applied to animation, comic, and graphic novel with easy-to-follow illustrations. All drawing are black and white, shy of one hundred ten pages.

Creative Illustration, Andrew Loomis
Intermediate and advanced level. When I found is selling it, I had to buy it right away for future reference. Any artist who is serious about drawing/painting, I definitely recommend it. I consider it as one of master books for illustrators.

To find more books check this blog.

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