The personal experience is an escape from moronity.


Ph.M. Kanarev

The modern young generation has an opportunity to check novelty of knowledge, which it acquires at the university free of charge or paying money, and, thus, to forecast a prospect of its employments and living welfare. The time, when a diploma confirming higher education was enough in order to get a job, ended. Now it is not a convincing argument for an employer; in order to be on the safe side, he hires a young graduate as a probationer at first as he wants to see what the graduate knows and what he is able to do. A new system of higher education has almost nullified a possibility for the student to have the skills of practical work according to his specialty and has preserved a requirement to have moronic knowledge, i.e. the knowledge, which does not reflect reality. In this connection, it is useful for the students to know the practical experience of an escape from moronity, and I’d like to share it.

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