Investigation to my past lives.

Why am I doing it? I like to see history of humanity and universe in my perspective.

Two techniques I learned: self-hypnosis, access memory of dreams.

I use self-hypnosis scripts to access the memories of past lives. It takes one to two hours per session. Due to my years of meditation practice, I hardly get into altered state within five to ten minutes. Most hypnosis scripts induce the subject into trance less than five to ten minutes. When I put myself into trance, I have two awareness most of time, which is a bit of distraction.

I haven’t managed to get vivid, clear past life recall yet. I mostly get words, images, strong sensation on body parts.


For the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing sleep disorder with hyperactive brain. It makes me hard to be in trance state. Noises of surrounding interrupts calm state of mind. I’m thinking of buying a good earplug that has excellent noise protection.

I applied different version of hypnosis script today. It seemed the mind has developed immune to old script.

I saw a boy with a cat inside a house. Then, I fell asleep.


I had intense experience about two hours after putting myself into a trance state.
I could feel some form of paste. Then I began to experience strong energetic pressure on left form arm which removed any sense of skin or bone, the sensation were getting stronger so that I felt high voltage of electric current is swirling around the arm, it slowly took over the entire body. The newly formed body felt at least two or three times thick and bigger than the biological body.

Now I was feeling the energetic body that has so much power in it replace biological body. I saw stream of energy that merges into a point in space. I was feeling suspended in the invisible force field.

At some point my awareness were separated from the body that generating such fierce energetic force. The sensation was pure synthetic in nature. There was no biological reaction at all: heart beat, heat, sweat, and etc.


Saw number 750 and Japan.


I had two words – Fei, Lavina – and number 134x. My two upper arms had intense pressure for minutes, then the pain spread to rear neck. I could handle it easily but definitely uncomfortable. A feeling of feminine.
Searched the two words on goggle. Fei is a name originated from China, 1401 – 1122 BC.
Lavina is a name also. Two name sites explain it as
Latin origin and it means “Woman of Rome”. It’s a name commonly given to girls.


A word Babylon. There was a green V-shape craft in the sky. It was descending to a mountain or huge structure on the ground.

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