The implants that put us in slavery living beyond time.

Awareness is key to liberate oneself from any form of imprisonment. The blow list is good summary of the deep layers of deceptions and false belief systems that we’ve been soaked over many lives.

Excerpt from
The Eye of Ra
Book 2
The Matrix Revealed
by Truman Cash

PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPLANTS: I also call these implants hypnotic implants. The victim is rendered unconscious and then given hypnotic suggestions, or programming. The following examples of ETC psychological programming were taken from actual case studies and are therefore not merely theoretical:

1. The ETCs usually create unconsciousness through the use of psychotronics. They also use hypnotic drugs. Amnesia is often reinforced by an alien’s command to “Forget” or “Don’t remember. ”

2. Family members and other environmental stimuli are used to trigger and reinforce the psychological programming.

3. Religious programming is a primary objective of the ETCs: Believe in God; God is male; We are his creation; Be religious; Worship; You must pray to get what you need and want; Rely on faith only, don’t use logic. The ETCs don’t specialize in just one religion-they simply strengthen the religious beliefs that the abductee is inclined to believe. The plan is to create as different religious beliefs as possible to create disunity and conflict on the planet.

4. Don’t question (authority); Just obey; No creative thought; Narrow-mindedness.

5. Pain and suffering are good.

6. Guilt programming: Blame; Shame; Self-doubts; Self-ronscious.

7. Invalidation programming: Can’t do; Don’t do; Evil; Wrong; Cowardice; Unhappiness; Loneliness; Disempower­ment as a spiritual being; Mental and physical torture leading to a breakdown of the will or spirit.

8. Propaganda programming: The ETCs use post-hypnotic suggestions and telepathic implants to portray themselves as benevolent, friendly, loving, and will save mankind and the planet; Abductees and contactees should feel grateful to them; Flattery; Abductees are the “Chosen Ones;” The ETCs will save the Chosen Ones to build a New World; Doom and gloom prophecies.

9. The psychological programming during abductions is designed to trigger earlier psychological implants.

10. Key words, phrases, and ideas are implanted to trigger specific implanted behavior and thought patterns. Earth­ bound humans mutually reinforce and trigger these key words, phrases, and ideas that keep society moving in a certain direction. The ETCs expend a great deal of effort to create group thought. Thus, mankind can be controlled like a herd of sheep. Anyone not thinking or acting like everyone else is referred to as a “black sheep. ·

SOCIAL IMPLANTS: These are ideas that are accepted consciously and willingly; they affect society as a whole.

1 . Social implants are based upon faith. They demand blind, unquestioning allegiance, worship, or acceptance of a God, prophet, leader, philosophy, discipline, cause, or secret fraternal doctrine.

2. Social implants are held in place by using the principle of reward and punishment. In religion this principle manifests itself as the reward of Heaven and the punishment of Hell or an oppressive caste system as in Hinduism.

Social implants appeal to the emotions, not rational thought, and the fear button is repeatedly pushed to elicit the desired response of allegiance and obedience.

3. Social implants are accepted and agreed to voluntarily and consciously. They are passed down from generation to generation and from person to person like a communicable disease.

4. The ETCs are the hidden source of social implants.

5. The purpose of social implantation is to control Earthbound humans. Control (ORDER) is achieved by a) creating conflict, war, disunity (CHAOS); b) creating and establishing unworkable dead-end religious practices and philoso­phies maintaining to keep mankind from discovering our true spiritual nature and the true nature of the situation we are in; c) the condition of amnesia to keep mankind from discovering both present and past life psychological implants, which would lead to spiritual freedom if revealed.

6. Social implants and psychological implants are mutually reinforcing; that is, the power of the social implant is dependent upon earlier psychological implantation; likewise, psychological implants are triggered and reinforced by existing social implants.

The purpose of these ET manipulations becomes obvious when one delves deeply into the labyrinth of deception. TIlt: creation of war and chaos and many dead-end religious dogmas (Le . , social implants) keep Earthlings distracted so much that they will not discover the past life psychological implants that limit spiritual abilities and freedom. Short life spans for our “containers” (genetic manipulation), in-between lives implants. and enforced reincarnation on Earth are examples of other tools that they use to keep us in spiritual darkness.

Like a butterfly struggling to break free of its self-imposed cocoon imprisonment, we can now shed these unworkable structured realities and belief systems that were created by extra-terrestrials. It is time to fly free and bask in our long-awaited sovereignty. It is time to take the helm and navigate a new destiny — a true “paradigm shift” — free from extra­terrestrial manipulation.

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